Lucknow University will implement new educational policies and make modifications to undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Lu has revised and implemented the NEP’s Masters programmes. Undergraduate courses have also been revised to live up to the new education policy. On Wednesday, Vice Chancellor Prof. Alok Kumar Rai presided over a meeting of all deans, heads of departments, coordinators, and directors in this regard. In which there was a lengthy discussion about course revision.

The Vice Chancellor congratulated the entire university family on completing the work of revising the university’s postgraduate courses under the new education policy in a simple and smooth manner. As a result, the university was able to implement new courses beginning with this session.

It’s not a good idea to hurry through course revision!
Say’s: Dr. Vineet Verma, President of LUCTA, says

According to the New Education Policy (NEP) by Lucknow University, the Lucknow University Teachers Association (LUTA) has lodged an objection to the amendments being made in the undergraduate curriculum without detailed discussion and suggestions. LUCTA president, Dr. Vineet Verma said that normal circumstances and appropriate time should be given to discuss important topics like syllabus, because this is linked to the future of the younger generation. Said that the university is closed until May 20 due to the Corona curfew. At this time important topics like syllabus cannot be discussed and even if it is, it will be for Khanapurti only.

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