Dear Student 🎓,

We are thrilled to offer our minor project package 📦, designed to bolster your academic journey. This all-inclusive bundle features:

  • A choice of four research topics 📚, crafted to enrich your learning/ our topics given by your mentor.
  • An array of resources including 10 video classes 🎥, 5 mock videos 📹, and 3 live classes 🖥️, aimed at deepening your understanding.
  • A questionnaire ❓ to assist in your research.
  • A total of 50-60 printed pages 🖨️ for your project, inclusive with bond paper for a superior feel and  binding 📔 for a professional look as per university guidelines.
  • Both soft and hard copies 📂📚 of the complete project set, ensuring you have access in your preferred format.

Our program is limited to 300 seats 🪑 to ensure personalized support. If interested, please fill out the accompanying form. Upon your response, we will share the four proposed topics with you. Discuss these with your teacher and select your preferred option 🔍.

The comprehensive project package is priced at ₹599 💰, with no hidden fees. Should you have any queries or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at the office numbers: 8400122296, 9219790515 📞

Additional Note: If you require an Minor project on urgent basis after registration, please contact us via WhatsApp at 8400122296.

Feel free to ask any questions or clear any doubts by contacting us on WhatsApp/Call: 9219790515

It is a Guidance Program only and we are not liable for any liability at the University or College Level

Thank you for considering this unique opportunity. We’re excited to be a part of your academic journey 🚀.

Warm regards,

Team Luupdate 🌟