Affiliated colleges to follow LU’s syllabus

Lucknow: More than 20,000 students studying in six promi nent colleges affiliated to Luck now University will study the four-year undergraduate sylla bus drafted by LU in accordance with the New Education Policy 2020. The colleges said since they are affiliated to LU, they won’t follow the state govern ment’s common minimum syl labus (CMS).

Shia PG College spokesper son Prof Pradeep Sharma said, “The college will go by the uni versity syllabus as it is affiliated to LU. We are waiting for the university’s directions regar ding the syllabus to be adop ted.” Jai Narain Mishra PG Col lege (KKC) and Bappa Shri Jai Narain Misra PG College (KKV) also said they will not go by the government’s syllabus.

“We are NAAC ‘A’ graded in stitutes and have the required infrastructure to adopt the NEP. We will follow the LU four-year undergraduate syllabus,” said KKC principal Prof Meeta Shah. “We are an LU-affiliated institute hence will follow the syllabus taught in LU,” said Isa bella Thoburn College princi pal Vineeta Prakash.

Manager of Avadh Girls’ Degree College Prof Nishi Pan dey said, “Not only ours but all colleges affiliated to the univer sity will follow LU syllabus on ly.” The principal of Lucknow Christian College Pronoti Singh also expressed same vi ews. So far, only National PG College, the only autonomous college of LU, has announced that it will neither follow the sta te governments’ syllabus nor LU’s at UG level.


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