Lucknow University Partners with Google and Meta to Establish The “Bharat Lab”

Lucknow University Partners with Google and Meta to Establish The “Bharat Lab”

Lucknow University has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with technology giants Google and Meta (formerly Facebook) to establish The “Bharat Lab”. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) marks a significant milestone in the university’s efforts to gain insights into consumer behavior in tier 2 and tier 3 towns and cities across India, collectively known as ‘BHARAT.’

The Bharat Lab aims to bring together corporate entities, including Google and Meta, to gather valuable data and statistics on the aspirations and consumption patterns of consumers, particularly those from BHARAT. Leveraging the expertise and resources of these technology giants, the initiative will delve into various aspects of consumer insights.

माननीय कुलपति प्रो आलोक कुमार राय, लखनऊ विश्वविद्यालय में “भारत लैब” की स्थापना के लिए समझौता ज्ञापन पर हस्ताक्षर करने के बाद कंट्री हेड, गूगल इंडिया श्री संजय गुप्ता और एमडी, रिडिफ्यूजन श्री संदीप गोयल के साथ

Google’s vast repertoire, encompassing online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics databases, will be explored to gain in-depth understanding and insights into BHARAT. Similarly, Meta’s popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will serve as valuable sources for understanding the hopes, desires, and motivations of Gen Zers, who are representative of BHARAT.

This unique collaboration between academia and corporate entities will provide extensive information on consumers, enabling the analysis and review of data to design and develop more effective and efficient products, services, and brand-building strategies. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, The “Bharat Lab” aims to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the university and the corporate partners.

Prof. Alok Kumar Rai, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “The establishment of The “Bharat Lab” signifies a significant step towards understanding and catering to the needs of consumers from BHARAT. We are grateful to Google and Meta for their support in this endeavor, and we are confident that this partnership will pave the way for groundbreaking insights and innovations.”
Country Head, Google India Sri Sanjay Gupta and MD, Rediffusion Sri Sandeep Goyal assured us to help University to reach our goal, said the Vice Chancellor.

This type of study and the work to be done on it is very necessary to make India a 5 trillion dollar economy and to reach the category of developed nation by 2047.

The “Bharat Lab” is set to become a hub for research, data analysis, and collaboration, enabling academia and industry to work together in a mutually beneficial manner. This initiative aligns with the university’s commitment to staying at the forefront of knowledge and leveraging cutting-edge technology to address the evolving needs of society.

About Lucknow University:
Lucknow University, established in 1921, is one of the premier educational institutions in India. With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence in education, research, and community engagement, the university continues to nurture young minds and contribute to the social and economic development of the region and the nation.

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