Common Minimum Syllabus Attack on the autonomy of Lucknow University.

‘No’ of teachers of LUCKNOW Support the CMS.

Lucknow University teachers
The Lucknow state government ended its attack by saying that it was the minimum standard. Along with this, a condemnation motion was passed against it. In the general meeting of the Lucknow University Teachers’ Association (LUCTA) held on Tuesday, a free resolution was also passed against it in the meeting. It was decided that if the demand was not met, the teachers took out a protest march to the Raj Bhavan, the teachers marched to the Raj Bhavan, to work by tying black tape as a protest, etc.

The teachers union is angry about the Common Minimum Syllabus.

It has been done that according to the Lucknow New Education Policy 2020, a good curriculum has been prepared. So the same will apply. The decisions taken in the past by various CAs regarding minimum common course are final.

It was then that the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister, University Grants Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and the Chancellor should be apprised of all the proposals.

Keep the method out of the purview of taking it by doing the minimum equivalent course. He sought new education. Luta claims that the basic spirit of the policy will be opposed. In contrast to the institutions of Tadavi Verma and General Secretary Dr. Rajendra Kumar Verma, all the teachers, including the Association Atta, have a consensus. In the meeting, the registrar’s course organizations also passed a resolution opposing the syllabus that the government’s recommendation letter has been made.

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