It is not easy to promote students in universities and colleges.

Based on research influenced by the Pandemic, the government has begain a new effort to promote students. However, this year’s promotion path is not as simple as last year’s. Because, in comparison to previous year, a lot has been changed, not just in terms of covid- 19, but also in terms of colleges.

However, the university and students are awaiting the government’s judgement on this. Exams were not held in most universities last year due of the Covid-19 Pandemic Period.

If we’re talking about Lucknow University, the first semester UG-PG examination, which was proposed in April, was cancelled. The university submitted proposals to the government for these students to be promoted. If they are promoted in the first semester, they will be promoted along with students from other classes in the second semester. Their entire year will be devoted to promotion in this manner.

This is a major problem in case of choosing how students will be promoted in the semester, as Basis will be required for promotion.

The government-appointed committee of three Vice Chancellors has recommended that they take two exams next year. Will the students have to take two tests at the same time? What if the year Covid-19 has no bearing on the situation? There are multiple problems that can delay the promotion process.

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