LU: Strict action will be taken if complaints come Against Raging

The Vice Chancellor of Lucknow University has constituted an Anti Ragging Committee to stop ragging.

Lucknow University Not only Lucknow but every year students from all over the country take admission in this university. Along with this, students have to face ragging. Although restrictions have been imposed in every college on ragging, but in spite of this, after the start of the new session on one pretext or the other, incidents of assault and inhuman activities are seen with junior students in the name of ragging for a few months.

LU Vice Chancellor has constituted an Anti Ragging Committee to stop the ragging. 9 people have been kept in this committee, who will keep an eye on the fact that there is no ragging with any student and girl students in the university and will also take action on the complaint. Chief Proctor Dinesh Kumar has been made the chairman of this committee.

Along with this, DSW Prof. Poonam Tandon, Chief Warden Prof. Nalini Pandey, Principal Arts and Crafts College Dr. Alok Kumar, Additional Proctor, Lviv Prof. AK Lal, Prof. Manisha Gupta, Dr. NS. Ahmed, Assistant Proctor Dr. Qamar Iqbal, Dr. Kishori Lal have been made members of the Anti Ragging Committee. About a decade ago, two such cases of ragging were reported in the country, in which the Supreme Court had taken strict cognizance and set very strict guidelines, but in spite of this, every year for a few months after the start of the new session in the colleges. In the name of ragging, incidents of assault on junior students and inhuman acts have been coming to the fore.

This makes it clear that educational institutions are lax in discharging their responsibility and taking adequate steps towards preventing incidents of ragging in their campuses. For this reason, a committee has been formed in LU so that ragging can not happen with new students.

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