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Empowering Students: The Karmayogi Scheme at Lucknow University

Great news for students at Lucknow University! The esteemed institution has rolled out the ‘Karmayogi Scheme’, a groundbreaking program offering part-time job opportunities to its students. This scheme is not just about earning money; it’s a holistic approach to learning, working, and being part of the university community.

What is the Karmayogi Scheme?

The Karmayogi Scheme, launched by Lucknow University (LU), is a unique initiative that allows students to work part-time on campus while continuing their studies. This program is designed to instill respect for work, leverage student talents for LU’s welfare, enhance student attachment to the university, and provide financial assistance.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Work Experience: Engage in various roles, including laboratory, library, office, computer, hostel/mess assistance, and more.
  • Flexible Hours: Work for up to 2 hours daily, post-classes, for a maximum of 50 days per academic session.
  • Financial Aid: Earn Rs 150 per hour, with a yearly cap of Rs 15,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Income Threshold: Your family’s annual income should not exceed Rs. 3 Lakh.
  2. Academic Performance: A minimum of 60% marks in the previous exam and 75% attendance.
  3. Clean Record: A certificate from the Proctor’s office verifying no involvement in unlawful activities.
  4. Non-Recipient of Other Financial Aid: Not receiving any other scholarships or financial assistance.
  5. Fee Submission: Ensure your university fees are paid up to date.

Application Process

  • Submit Your Application: Fill in the application form
  • Hard Copy Submission: After getting it forwarded from your Head and Dean, submit the hard copy to the Dean Student Welfare (DSW) Office.

Types of Work Assignments

Under the Karmayogi Scheme, you may be assigned tasks in various university departments and centers, like:

  • Laboratories
  • Library
  • Administrative Offices
  • Computer Centers
  • Hostels and Messes
  • Teacher Assistance
  • Day Care Centers
  • And other areas as permitted by the DSW.

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