Lucknow University serves as a student’s guardian.

Covid-19 has happened across the country, not only in Uttar Pradesh. In this regard, the administration of Lucknow University has made key measures in order to fulfil its liabilities to the university family. The administration of Lucknow University is preparing a list of students who have lost their mother, father, or both as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

The administration is coming up with ideas to provide the most benefit to such students. Prof. Poonam Tandon, Dean of Students’ Welfare, stated that the university is first and probably most important concerned with the well-being of such students, and that in the absence of parents and guardians, teachers serve as protectors for their students.

University of Lucknow is preparing a database of our beloved students who lost earning parent (mother/father/both) to COVID- 19.
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