LU’s mistake, students are suffering

Student deposited there Semester Fees But Fail To Get Recipt on Same day.

Students have to bear the brunt of LU mistake. Despite the claims of the university administration, the problem being faced in depositing the fees has not been resolved. Not only this, the money of the students who had deposited more fees by mistake in the past has not been returned. Ever since the university has started the system of depositing semester fee from the students, then one or the other problem is coming to the fore. The students told that they are paying the fees online. Not only this, even after depositing the money, the receipt is not Updated On Same. Because of this, after waiting for a day, students are being forced to deposit money again. After this, there is a problem in getting their money back too. Not only this, the students told that the wrong fees which were uploaded by the university in the past. Many students had deposited money in it. Till now their money has not been returned. At the same time, spokesperson Dr. Durgesh Srivastava said that if any student has made double payment or wrong payment, then his money will be refunded. For this, students can mail to the UDRC Director.

Source: Amar Ujala

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