Students in the first semester will be promoted twice.

The first year result in Lucknow University will be different this year. Here in the same semester, where half of the students’ results have been released after the examination. At the same time, half will now be promoted. The special thing is that those who are being promoted will get promotion after two in the same year. Keeping in mind the interest of the students regarding covid-19 infection, the government has decided that except the final year, students of other years will be promoted. In this sequence, the exercise has also intensified in all the universities. The case of Lucknow University was slightly different in the case of first semester. The BA, BSc, BCom 1st semester examination could not be conducted here. Now after the decision from the government, the university has decided to promote these students in the first semester. At the same time, on the basis of the result of the first semester, it will be promoted to the second semester as well. That is, they will be promoted twice in a year. At the same time, the examination of MBA, Law, B.Tech etc. was done in the same semester. So their first semester result was released. Now they will be promoted to the second semester on the basis of that result. Exam

Controller Prof. AM Saxena said that due to Corona, the circumstances were such that what should be done? The university had already prepared for the examination in April. According to the decision of the rest of the university administration, the decision of promotion has been taken twice in a year.


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