Students who attend online classes are only concerned in promotion.

In view of the Covid-19 the government announced to promote UG-PG students, students in Lucknow University and affiliated colleges have distanced themselves from online classes. It is a different matter that the course has not been completed yet. The special thing is that even the students who are coming for studies are asking about promotion only. To promote students and UG PG final year.
Somewhere attendance 30-40 and somewhere up to 50% of the decision of the students has directly affected the class to conduct the examination of the reduction in the number of online students.

In Lucknow University, attendance has also reduced from 3%0 to 40% in science subjects like ancient history, sociology, physics, chemistry. The students have distanced themselves from the class considering themselves promoted. The same situation is also with the affiliated colleges KKC, Avadh Girls, Navyug Kanya Vidyant and Kalicharan etc. Here the attendance of students in the class has reduced by 50%. The special thing is that due to Pandemic where the online class was also postponed since April 15. They have started again after May 15. In such a situation, in one-and-a-half months only 50% of the course has been completed. Teachers also believe that now There are a lot of courses left, but the interest of the students is not on completing it now. Dr. Upma Chandra, Principal of Avadh Girls’ Degree College said that the above announcement has had an impact on the online classes. Earlier, up to 80-90% of the students lived, which has now increased to 50-60%.

The course is still pending. Certainly the announcement of promotions has had a huge impact on online attendance. Class attendance has reduced by 30 to 40%. Whether the student is promoted or has an examination, the course should be completed. Knowledge will increase only through studies and they will be able to take advantage of it further.

Dr. Durgesh Srivastava

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