Indian Science Congress Association Inspects Lucknow University Facilities for Annual Session in January 2024

In connection with the preparations for the annual session of the Indian Science Congress Association to be held in Lucknow University in January 2024, the Indian Science Congress Association team inspected all the facilities of the university including the auditorium, lecture hall.Dean Academics Prof. Poonam Tandon and other teachers of the university were also present along with the ten-member team that came to oversee the preparations and outline of the activities related to the programme. During this tour, the team members visited the possible venues for organizing the session in both the campuses – lecture hall, auditorium, parking, food court, registration venue, inauguration venue etc. and saw the arrangements.In the annual session to be held in January 2024, parallel sessions of 11 different branches of science will run. About 400 research papers are expected to appear in the oral and poster sessions in each session. Along with this, there will be 7 other parallel sessions including Tribal Development, Agriculture, Child Science, Women’s Science Congress. Along with this, a huge science exhibition will also be organized.Honorable Professor Alok Kumar Rai, Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University, told that a lot of preparations are needed for such a large-scale educational program, for which different teams are being constituted. Each team will have student volunteers along with the teachers and has also held a meeting with the members of the organizing committee.

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