DU teachers’ union supported LUTA.

The Delhi University Teachers Association has also welcomed the Lucknow University Teachers Association’s protest against the NEP and Common Minimum Syllabus (LUTA).He has stated on Twitter that he is agreeing with LUTA in this matter. Not only that, but they claim that the UGC is attempting to force it on the university. Vice President of the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA), Prof. Alok Pandey, stated that the change in syllabus is an attempt to end the university’s autonomy. This syllabus contains no new information. It’s using The something like this without debate. He said that the UGC imposes nothing. CBCS has also been imposed on us. Implemented it without discussion. In the same way, now the Common Minimum said – By forcefully enforcing syllabus designed to end the autonomy and character of the university, we are eliminating the right to make our syllabus, whereas private university has the right to do so.

Former Joint Secretary of Delhi University Teachers Association, Prof. Rajesh Jha said that this is a conspiracy to end public funded universities. Every university has its own specialty. We taught math in economics. Put an end to it. If everything will be decided from above, then what is the meaning of EC, AC. We at DU have strongly opposed this.

It is also a conspiracy to reduce the number of teachers. The quality of education will also be affected. At the same time, Lucknow University Teachers Association (LUTA) President Dr. Vineet Varma said that the teachers of DU are thankful for this. Also some other university teachers are also in support of this. He said that this is going on with the Deputy Chief Minister. He has also assured of appropriate action. Explain that after PG in Lucknow University, UG is also being tried to implement the NEP and Common Minimum Syllabus from the new session 2021-22, which has been opposed by both LUACTA and LU. He has said that one syllabus was not prepared properly. Secondly, it has not given enough time for discussion and amendment. Not only this, the Board of Studies also has many flaws in it. Stating that time has been asked for it.

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